Solar control glass film

Sun protection film: The perfect solution against sunlight and heat through the windows!

In the summer, sunlight in combination with UV radiation can cause the temperature in your home, office or building to rise quickly. However, windows are indispensable for a pleasant working or living environment. Unfortunately, they are often a weak link in the climate control of buildings. With sun protection film from Glasfolie Suncontrol, you can enjoy the view to the full while annoying sunlight and heat are kept out. It is the perfect solution against the drawbacks of windows. Discover now the benefits of solar control film for a pleasant temperature and energy efficiency in your building or home.

Different types of sun protection film

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What does sun protection film consist of?

The sun protection film specially developed by Glasfolie Suncontrol consists of transparent polyester layers with a reflective layer of metal particles in between. The metal particles in the film are usually aluminium, silver, or an alloy thereof, which have high reflectivity to sunlight. Glass film is an efficient building material that significantly improves comfort in the workplace!

How does sun protection film work?

Glass film acts as a thermal insulation by reflecting sunlight on the outside, but also by absorbing solar energy, the indoor climate remains very pleasant. Dit wordt bereikt door het reflecteren, absorberen of filteren van de zonnestraling voordat het het glas bereikt. Apart from its light- and heat-reflective properties, Glass Film Pro-film also reduces annoying glare as an additional benefit.

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Specific properties of sun protection film

Because every office or business has its own issues, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed a range of films with different specific sun protection properties. There is also a glass film available for your situation that guarantees the optimum effect.

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The benefits of solar control glass film:

  • No discolouration

    Glass film also filters ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. This protects your precious interior from discolouration.

  • Heat-resistant film

    Glass film acts as thermal insulation, reducing heat in rooms. In summer, this ensures a much more pleasant temperature in the office, home or premises.

  • Safety

    Glass film strenghtens your glass. In case of breakage, glass foil provides shard binding. Safer for you and your staff. Our Pro-film also has another strong fire retardant effect.

  • Privacy

    Glass film provides privacy; during the day, the film blocks views into offices and buildings.

  • Energy saving

    If your business is air-conditioned, you will soon find that after installing glass film, the cost of climate control is significantly reduced because your windows are better insulated.

  • No glare

    The sun can cause glare, making it difficult to look at your screen. Solar control glass film ensures that this glare from the sun is removed. It also reduces annoying glare for your neighbours.

  • No maintenance

    Apart from being an easy and quick option for shading, it also requires no maintenance. The windows can also be waxed as before.

  • Wear-resistant

    Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. This ensures the longevity of the material. Also, glass film from Suncontrol is corrosion-resistant.

Sustainable sun protection film

Sun protection film for windows is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. This is because the film can extend the life of windows and can contribute to lower energy consumption, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

Glasfolie Suncontrol innovates: ‘Sputtercoat technique’

The Technology of glass film manufacturing has advanced tremendously in a short period of time. Our film is manufactured using a special “sputtercoat” technique. Unlike the previously used evaporation process, the sputter-coat technique uses building up precious metal alloys in layers. As a result, the building physics properties are significantly improved.

Application areas of glass films: Customised solar protection film

Wherever high light transmission is desired but efficient sun protection is also required, glass film can be used. Glass film is applied to the glass of shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, institutions, schools and so on.

Basically, the glass film is applied to the inside of the window. Even on double glazing, most types can be applied without question. For outdoors, Glasfolie Suncontrol has special types available.

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