Window film is very practical in applications for heat rejection, privacy or safety. But Window film is also a product that, due to its beautiful appearance, combines functionality with creativity. Partition wall, backdrop, sandblast alternative, use of logo, you name it, the applications are endless and easily follow your own fantasy. Create your own design window film and we will transform it into a unique version.

Do you need privacy? Matt Clear Dusted!

This is such a beautiful solution to a big problem. It increasingly occurs that we lack privacy in our activities. Matt Clear Dusted Window film gives you the possibility to deal with this in a creative way. From a simple stroke of film with this sandblast or engraving to beautifully shaped patterns, but you can also use your logo or other corporate style features to convert a problem into a challenge with unexpected results.

Colourful solutions with Full Color Window film

Fitting your windows with Full Color printed Window film, as a walk through security, for privacy considerations, or purely form an esthetic point of view, you give the glass an extra dimension. Any desired Full Color image or photo is possible. As far as it concerns creativity, naturally, you as the relation decide on the design, but we naturally we can think along with you in developing your image. From design to photography. From upgrading existing situations to new project development. The possibilities are endless; let us convert your fantasy into a beautiful creation that makes the place more stylish and more personal.