What is Safety film

Safety Window film is a sturdy polyester film, fitted with a very strong adhesive layer. It gives glass more strength. Due to this, in case of applied pressure, it will be less prone to break or shatter.

safeSafety film enhances the safety in the vicinity of windows. In case of an explosion or vandalism, the window film prevents damage and injury that flying shards can cause. Moreover, the film has flame retardancy. Due to its strength and holding capability, Safety film also provides burglary protection.

More advantages when applying Safety film

No discolouration: the Window film filters the ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight. This protects your valuable interior against discolouration. Our colourless safety films are ideally suitable for shop windows.

Heat rejection: There is also Safety film with Sun Control qualities. Due to this, your strengthened windows get an extra property that improves the comfort.

Privacy: the combination of Safety film and privacy is also possible. Glasfolie Suncontrol  also supplies those types that, besides their enhancing properties, prevent curious by-passers from looking in, while looking outside remains possible.

Glasfolie Suncontrol innovates
The Technology of manufacturing Window film has advanced enormously within a short period of time. The current Window film types are made of the most high quality polyester types that are constantly tested for their quality. The polyester is entirely clear and forms an optical laminate with the glass. Our newest types of Safety film absolutely do not deviate from the colour of your glass.

The advantages at a glance:
– Scratch resistant and more resistant against wear
– Corrosion resistant
– No discolouration
– More clarity


No building is the same
Because every office or company has its own problems, Glasfolie Suncontrol has developed a series of Safety films with various different safety and Sun Control properties. Also for your situation, a Window film is available that guarantees an optimal effect.


By applying Safety film, your glass will get a backbone. Due to this, the glass is fitted with Safety film of a contemporary safe building material that enhances the comfort in existing buildings, and due to its shard holding properties, it significantly improves safety. Safety film is made of transparent, crystal clear polyester film and available for several different applications.


Application: Glasfolie Suncontrol has its own application service. Besides experience in the application, our employees also have the right equipment. They solely apply the film if the temperature of the surface is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. After approximately one month, the optimum adhesion is achieved and the film is entirely smooth.
Cleaning: the strong polyester film is very cleaning resistant. The best cleaning solution is clean water with a dash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge and chamois. Watch out for sand and old hardened rubber squeegees! Also other sharp tools can cause damage. Aggressive cleaning chemicals are advised against. Detailed cleaning instructions are provided to you at the delivery of the film.
Dimensions: the width of the roll on which the film is supplied is 152 cm. This means that the maximum width when processing the film on a window approximately 150 cm is. But the film can also be applied if your windows are higher and wider. For larger windows, it is required that a seam be applied that is minimally visible in case of expert processing.
 Technical details
Safety film has a thickness of approximately 4 mil (100 microns). The material is also available in 2 mil. And for exceptional applications in 7 or 12 mil.
Light-fastness: Safety film does not discolour; the light-fastness is unmatched.
if the film is applied on glass, it is not easily combustible. In case of a fire, the Window film will hold the broken glass sheet for some time.
the durability in case of inside applications is virtually unlimited. The film cannot be applied outside.
Warranty: Glasfolie Suncontrol gives up to 10 years manufacturer warranty on delamination and demetalisation of Window film applied on the inside by us.