Glass is a weak link in the climate control of buildings. On the one hand, often a lot of light is desired, on the other hand, too much light can be a very limiting factor for conducting efficient work. For situations where light dosage is important, Glasfolie Suncontrol has developed a flexible solution in the form of roll-up blinds and vertical blinds. These solar screen daylight filters are made of polyester layers with in between a reflecting layer of metal particles, whether or not fitted with a reinforcing die.


No more annoying glare

Due to their light absorbing properties, Window Film Screens are the solution against annoying glare. The hue and the metal particles filter the daylight. The sight on monitors is maximally improved due to this, also if they are located close to at the window.

If annoying sunshine is absent, the screen can be controlled. Even application with a beautiful cassette and/or lateral guidance is possible. The product can be applied in many ways and very flexibly.

The extra favourable properties of Solar screen daylight filters

Solar Screen gives the windows excellent sun and heat resistant properties.
Sun Control Solar screen also provide privacy. During the day, the film hinders peeping into offices and buildings.


Finally, the screens ensure that in winter the heat of your heating system is reflected back, and due to this you will save on energy. Moreover, when your building is equipped with air-conditioning,  in summer the energy consumption will become significantly lower due to the improved insulation of your windows by applying our screens.

Solar screen daylight filters



Cleaning: the strong polyester film, where the screen of is made, is very cleaning resistant. The best cleaning solution is clean water with a dash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge
en chamois. Watch out for sand!
Detailed cleaning instructions are provided to you at the delivery of the systems.
Dimensions: the screens are available from 50 cm or smaller, up to a maximum of 3 metres wide or 3.5 metres high and are tailor made.
For widths/heights over 182 cm, a seam has to be made in the material.
A cassette can be supplied at a surcharge (in any RAL colour).
 Technical details
Thickness: the Window film has a thickness of approx. 3.0 mil (75 microns) and possibly fitted with a reinforcing die.Light-fastness: Window Film Screens do not discolour; the light-fastness is unmatched.
Control: The control is on the left or on the right, by means of a cord. The screens are also fitted with an electric motor, with a switch or wireless remote control.
Lateral guidance: Standard lateral guidance is not required. For an additional charge, this is available for opening windows.Warranty: Glasfolie Suncontrol gives up to 5 years manufacturer warranty on the system and the quality of Window Film Screens applied on the inside by us.