Windows are essential for a pleasant working environment. Still, they are a weak link in climate control of office buildings and other work areas. Glasfolie Suncontrol combines the good properties of “a view to the outside world” with solving disadvantages, such as too much annoying heat from the sun. The solar window film developed especially by Glasfolie Suncontrol has window film consisting of transparent polyester layers with a reflecting layer of metal particles in between. Window film is an efficient building material that significantly improves the comfort in the workplace!

How does Glasfolie Suncontrol work

Window film works heat resistant by reflecting the sunlight on the outside, but also by absorbing the solar energy the inside climate remains very pleasant. Besides the light and heat resistant properties, as an extra advantage Window film Pro-film also reduces annoying glare.


But there are even more advantages

No discolouration: Window film also filters the ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight. This protects your valuable interior against discolouration.
Safety: Window film enhances your glass. In case of breakage, Window film ensures holding the shards. This is safer for you and your employees. Moreover, our Pro-film even has a high flame retardancy.
Privacy: Window film ensures privacy; during the day, the film hinders peeping-in into offices and buildings.
Energy saving: When your company is equipped with air-conditioning you will soon notice that after fitting Window film, the costs of climate control will reduce significantly because your windows are insulated better.

Glasfolie Suncontrol innovates

The Technology of manufacturing Window film has advanced enormously within a short period of time. Our film is made with a special “sputter-coat” technology. Contrary to the previously applied deposition process, the sputter-coat technology uses layers of precious metal alloys. Due to this, the building physical properties are significantly improved.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Scratch resistant and more resistant against wear
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No discolouration
  • Guaranteed colour uniformity
  • More clarity
  • Less annoying reflection for your neighboursn

No building is the same

Because every office or company has its own problems, Glasfolie Suncontrol has developed a series of films with different specific Sun Control properties. Also for your situation, a Window film is available that guarantees an optimal effect.


Application areas

Wherever a lot of light transmittance is desired, but where also efficient heat rejection is desired, Window film can be applied. The Window film is applied on the glass of shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, institutions, schools, etcetera.

Principally, the Window film is applied on the inside of the window. Also in case of insulated glass, Window film can be applied to most of them. For applications on the outside, there are special types available.

Application: Glasfolie Suncontrol has its own application service. Besides experience in the application, our employees also have the right equipment. They solely apply the film if the temperature of the surface is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. After approximately one month, the optimum adhesion is achieved and the film is entirely smooth.
the strong polyester film is very cleaning resistant. The best cleaning solution is clean water with a dash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge and chamois.
Watch out for sand and old hardened rubber squeegees! Also other sharp tools can cause damage. Aggressive cleaning chemicals are advised against. Detailed cleaning instructions are provided to you at the delivery of the film.
Dimensions: the width of the roll on which the film is supplied, is 182 cm. This means that the maximum width when processing the film on a window is approximately 181 cm. But the film can also be applied when your windows are higher and wider. For larger windows, it is required that a seam be applied that is minimally visible in case of expert processing.
 Technical details
the Window film has a thickness of approx. 1.5 mil (37 microns).
the high quality Window film is lightfast and does not discolour.
if the Window film is applied on glass, it is not easily combustible. The Window film reflects the heat radiation for quite some time. In case of a fire, the Window film will hold the broken glass sheet for some time.
the durability in case of inside applications is virtually unlimited. For applications on the outside, there are special types available. Due to a special top layer, the Window film is extra scratch resistant and more resistant against wear.
Glasfolie Suncontrol gives up to 10 years manufacturer warranty on delamination and demetalisation of Window film applied on the inside, by us.

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