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Dé specialist in het oplossen van problemen met glas

Glasfolie Suncontrol is al 30 jaar dé specialist in het oplossen van problemen met glas voor bedrijven èn particulieren door de gehele BeNeLux. Op onze website vindt u informatie over alle soorten folie op glas. Graag willen wij u een handleiding bieden voor goede oplossingen met één van onze producten.

  • Voor bedrijven én particulieren
  • Door de gehele BeNeLux

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You can pay via the following payment options:
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– Paypal
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What kind of warranty is there on Glass Film?

For most projects, we offer a guarantee of as much as 7 to 10 years on the demetallisation and delamination of the glass film. This means that the material remains on the glass without discolouring “demetallising” and without detaching “delaminating”. You understand that the technical lifespan is much longer still.

Will bubbles and blisters appear under the glass film?

We can reassure you, the Glass Film is applied by our professional installers. These employees are permanently employed by us and do nothing else but process film. The film is therefore applied “invisibly”. We apply international standards. We sometimes say “someone who doesn’t know doesn’t see that there is something on the glass”. The glass film is an optical laminate. It has become one with the glass. Even later, no air bubbles can get under the film.

Is breakage of my glass possible?

Yes, breakage is always possible. We cannot prevent if a stone is thrown through the windows. Although at least the safety film prevents worse. What you are referring to is probably so-called “thermal breakage”. Additional or localised heat in the glass can cause windows to break. The answer is clear: The specialists at Glasfolie Suncontrol know exactly which type of film can be applied to which glass based on the information you provide. There is therefore actually no chance of the glass film breaking. We do not want to take any risks and have computer simulations at our disposal.

I would like a sample window, is that possible?

Yes, of course one window is always possible. However, there are some comments from our side; 1. The cost to perform a single window is extremely high. 2. Based on a single window, it is very, very difficult to judge the qualities of the Glass Film. Simply because there is no film on the other windows. We have an extensive reference list. We are happy to refer to this, or give you a reference tailored to your situation. There may be exceptions, but of course we will then be happy to tell you.

Do you also supply directly to individuals?

Naturally, we are also happy to serve private individuals!

Can the glass film be removed again?

Yes, glass film can always be removed. Not too easily, of course. But it can be done. Without leaving any residue or damaging the glass.

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