Anti-Fog Glass Film

Visible results with anti-fog glass film

Windows in refrigerated display cases and mirrors have the annoying property of fogging up quickly due to large differences in temperature or the action of water vapor. This condensation has the effect of completely obstructing visibility and making visual assessment impossible. Glasfolie Suncontrol developed an Anti-Fog Glass Film for this problem. This transparent crystal-clear polyester film makes adhesion of moisture impossible, ensuring a clear image. The results are truly amazing!

But there are additional features


Anti-Condens Glass Film increases safety around windows. In the event of explosion or vandalism, the glass film prevents damage and injury that flying shards can cause. In addition, the film has fire retardant properties. Because of its strength and
binding ability Anti-Condens Glass Film is also burglar retardant.

The Anti-Condens Glass Film has been extensively tested according to “Class B” NEN 3569 fall-through protection and can also be applied within the framework of the HaCCP, BRC and IFS.

UV protection
Anti-Condens glass film filters ultraviolet radiation from incoming light.
This can protect your items from unwanted discoloration

Extra scratch resistant
A special top coat makes the film extremely scratch-resistant, making it even more resistant to abrasion.

Energy saving
If your refrigerated display cabinets are equipped with heating elements to prevent condensation, they can be turned off completely after Anti-Condens Glass Film application. This will definitely reduce energy costs!

No building is alike

Because every building or object has its own problems, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed Anti-condensation Glass film with several safety and solar control properties.


Anti-Condens Glass Film can be used on all types of glass of refrigerated display cases, terrariums, animal enclosures, mirrors, swimming pools and all possible applications where condensation occurs on glass. The glass film is designed to be applied to the inside of
glass to be applied.

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The benefits of anti-condensation glass film

  • Thickness

    Anti-fog glass film has a thickness of about 4 mil (100 microns)

  • Lightfastness

    Anti-Condens Glass Film does not discolor; its lightfastness is unsurpassed.

  • Flammability

    Once glass film is applied, it is very difficult to ignite.
    Anti-condensation glass foil also reflects heat radiation.
    quite some time. In case of fire, the film retains the cracked glass for some time.

  • Sustainability

    Durability in indoor applications is virtually unlimited.
    Special types are available for exterior mounting.

  • UV Transmission

    The above film type allows less than 5% ultraviolet radiation through, measured at radiation in the 280 and 380 nm range.

  • ZTA (Absolute solar factor).

    The absolute solar transmittance factor is the ratio of the amount of solar heat passing through a glass surface to the amount of solar heat falling on that glass surface and radiating inward.

    Glassfoil Suncontrol has carefully documented the figures for you, but cannot take responsibility for unexpected incorrect entries

Reference addresses

For applications of the various film types, we have reference addresses at hand, which we will gladly make available to you.

Glasfolie Suncontrol has its own application service. In addition to experience in application, our staff has the right equipment. They apply the film only when the temperature of the substrate is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. After about one month, optimal adhesion is achieved and the film is completely tightened.

The strong polyester film resists cleaning well. The best cleaning agent is clean water with a splash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge and chamois. Beware of sand grains and old hardened rubber tractors! Also, other sharp
tools may cause damage. Sharp cleaning chemicals are discouraged. Detailed cleaning instructions will be provided to you upon delivery of the film.

The width of the roll on which the film is delivered is 120 cm.
This means that when the film is processed, the maximum width of a window is about 12 0 cm. But even if your windows are taller and wider, the film can be applied. With larger windows it is necessary to apply a seam which is minimally visible with our skilled processing.

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