Digi Block Glass Film

Digi Block provides a privacy effect on all your screens

Thanks to a polarizing film, create a “Black-Out” effect on your LCD and plasma screens while maintaining a perfect view through the glass. You want to keep the nice open transparent walls in the office, but not have colleagues, customers or other visitors looking at your screens? You can with Digi Block Glass Film! This PVA film has a strong hardcoat layer which resists common scratches allowing good durability and easy maintenance when cleaning windows.

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“Digi Block Glass film combines well with Privacy and Design Glass film.”

With these film types, you have the opportunity to express your creativity and/or your corporate identity in your properties. Carving out your logo or other decorations gives your glass walls extra appeal. High levels of privacy can also be achieved through full color prints on matte or transparent glass film, for example.

No building is alike

Because every building has its own issues, Glass Film Suncontrol developed a range of advanced films with different privacy properties.


Digi Block film can be used on all glass of stores, museums, offices, showrooms, storage and in any other building where data on screens should not be seen. The Digi Block Glass Film is basically designed to be applied on the inside. Special types are available for outdoor applications.

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The Benefits of Digiblock Glass Film

  • Thickness

    Digi Block film has a thickness of approximately 132 microns.

  • Lightfastness

    Digi Block film does not discolor; its lightfastness is unsurpassed.

  • Flammability

    Once glass film is applied, it is very difficult to ignite. In the process, the Digi Block film still reflects heat radiation for quite some time. In case of fire, the film retains the cracked glass for some time.

  • Sustainability

    Durability in indoor applications is virtually unlimited. Special types are available for exterior mounting.

  • Warranty

    Glass film Suncontrol provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on delamination and demetalization of glass film applied by us on the inside.


Glass film Suncontrol has its own application service. Our employees have not only experience in application, but also the right equipment. They apply the film only when the temperature of the substrate is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. After about one month, optimal adhesion is achieved and the film is completely tightened.


The strong polyester film resists cleaning well. The best cleaning agent is clean water with a splash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge and chamois. Beware of sand grains and old hardened rubber tractors! Other sharp tools can also cause damage. Sharp cleaning chemicals are discouraged. Detailed cleaning instructions will be provided to you upon delivery of the film.

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