Privacy Glass Film

No prying eyes with Privacy Glass Film

Even if there is nothing to hide, it is often important to users of offices, stores, industrial complexes and hospitals that unwanted peeking in is not as nice everywhere. To prevent viewing or see-through, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed several types of Privacy film glass films. This privacy glass film makes glass an efficient building material that increases the sense of protection in existing and new buildings. Privacy film from Glass Film Suncontrol is made of transparent polyester layers in matte or clear, in various designs. This glass film has a number of favorable properties. Privacy film counters view from outside, prevents see-through between different rooms, and can also be used as a decorative element in construction for a professional look due to aesthetic color choices.

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What is privacy glass film?

Privacy glass film is window film that prevents people from looking through windows. This provides a neat and professional screening in offices or other work environments. Glass film has many benefits that are not always known to everyone. The first thing thought of for is often decoration or blinds. In addition to these benefits, it also provides privacy, which can be very important in a work environment. This way, no one can look into your office building anymore. The bright sun is also blocked at the same time, eliminating annoying glare. All in all, the benefits provide a better indoor environment.

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The benefits of privacy glass film

  • Privacy

    With privacy film, the possibility of viewing is reduced. It offers privacy in the workplace, but is also suitable for your home.

  • Heat and sun protection

    In addition to providing privacy, window film also blocks sunlight. This allows a more comfortable temperature to be maintained, and you won’t suffer from glare from bright sunlight on screens, for example.

  • Veiligheid

    Privacy film increases security around windows because the film gives the glass greater strength. When broken, the glass film provides shard binding. In addition, Privacy glass film has fire retardant properties.

  • Energiebesparing

    If your business is air-conditioned, Privacy glass film will save on your energy consumption. Because the windows are better insulated, the cost of your internal climate control is drastically reduced.

  • Design

    With Privacy film, you have the opportunity to express your creativity or your corporate identity in your properties. Carving out your logo or virtually any other decorations will give your walls extra appeal. High levels of privacy are also achieved through full-color printing on matte or transparent glass film.

Different Types of Privacy Films

Because there are differences in climate and because each building has different requirements, Glass Film Suncontrol has developed a range of Privacy Films with different properties.

Applications of Privacy Glass Film

Privacy film can be used on single and double glazing of: stores, offices, hospitals, schools and in all other buildings where optimal privacy and controlled light transmission is desired.

See-through from inside to outside, as well as blinds on both sides are also possible. Privacy film is basically applied to the inside of the window.

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