Safety Glass Film

Safety glass film makes glass safer

Safety is one of the primary requirements in applications of glass as a building material in offices, nursing homes, retail stores and industrial complexes. Especially for applications on glass, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed a strong high-tech safety glass film that gives the glass the properties of safety glass; Safety-film.

What is safety glass film?

Safety glass film is a tough polyester film that has a very strong adhesive layer. It gives glass greater strength, making it less likely to break or shatter when pressure is applied.

Safety film increases safety around windows. In the event of explosion or vandalism, the glass film prevents damage and injury that flying shards can cause. In addition, the film has fire retardant properties. Because of its strength and binding ability, Safety-film is also burglary-retardant.

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The benefits of safety glass film:

  • Safety

    Safety glass film increases safety around windows because the film gives the glass greater strength. When broken, the glass film provides shard binding. In addition, safety film has fire retardant properties.

  • No discolouration

    The glass film filters ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Dit beschermt uw kostbare interieur tegen verkleuring. Our colorless glass films are ideally suited for shop windows.

  • Heat and sun protection

    There is also Safety film with sun protection qualities. This gives your reinforced windows an additional feature that promotes comfort.

  • Privacy

    The combination of security film and privacy is also a possibility. Glass film Suncontrol supplies types that, in addition to their reinforcing properties, also prevent curious glances from passersby, while still allowing people to look outside as usual.

  • Energy saving

    If your business is air-conditioned, safety glass film will save on your energy consumption. Because the windows are better insulated, the cost of your internal climate control is drastically reduced.

  • Design

    With safety glass film, you have the opportunity to express your creativity or your corporate identity in your premises. Carving out your logo or virtually any other decorations will give your walls extra appeal.

More beneficial features at a glance:

  • Scratch resistant and more resistant to abrasion
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Geen verkleuring
  • Greater brightness

Glass film Suncontrol innovates

The Technique of glass film manufacturing has improved significantly in recent times. Today’s glass films are manufactured from the highest quality polyesters that are constantly tested for their quality. The polyester is perfectly clear and forms an optical laminate with the glass. Our newest types of Safety film do not deviate at all from the color of your glass.

Different types of safety glass film

Because every office or business has its own set of issues, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed a range of Safety films with several safety and solar control properties.

Application of Safety-film gives glass a backbone. This makes glass equipped with Safety-film a contemporary safe building material, which increases comfort in existing buildings and significantly improves safety through its fragment-binding effect.
Safety film is made of transparent, crystal clear polyester film and available for a variety of applications.

Application areas for security film

Safety film can be used on windows of stores, industrial halls, offices, hospitals and institutions, schools, and any other buildings where safety is a high priority. Because of that safety, Safety film should be applied on the inside at all times. Most types of solar protection Safety film can also be applied to double-glazing without question.
2 MIL: Storefront windows, doors and other glass for human safety. Tested according to British standard BS 6206 class C and 12600
4 MIL: People safety, intrusion-retardant for stores, offices and factories. Tested according to ‘class B’ NEN 3569 Doorvalbeveiliging. Also applied in the food industry under HaCCP, BRC and IFS.
7 MIL: Protection of offices and factories where maximum strength must be maintained after glass breakage. Specially computer rooms. Tested according to English Standard; ‘British standard BS 6206 class A’.
12MIL: complies with DIN 52290-A1. Also suitable as Anti-Terrorist Bomblast Glass Film.

Application of security film

Applyiing: Glasfolie Suncontrol has its own application service. In addition to experience in application, our staff has the right equipment. They apply the film only when the temperature of the substrate is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. After about a month, optimal adhesion is achieved and the film is completely tightened.
Cleaning: The strong polyester film resists cleaning well. The best cleaning agent is clean water with a splash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge and chamois. Beware of sand grains and old hardened rubber tractors! Other sharp tools can also cause damage. Sharp cleaning chemicals are discouraged. Detailed cleaning instructions will be provided to you upon delivery of the film.
Dimensions: The width of the roll on which the film is delivered is 152 cm. This means that the maximum width when processing the film a window is about 150 cm. However, the film can also be applied if your windows are taller and wider. For larger windows, it is necessary to apply a seam which is minimally visible with professional processing.

Technical properties of safety film

Thickness: Safety film has a thickness of about 4 mil (100 microns). The material is also available in 2 mil. and for exceptional applications in 7 or 12 mil.
Lightfastness: Safety film does not discolor; its lightfastness is unsurpassed.
Flammability: Once applied to glass, the film is very difficult to ignite. In case of fire, the film holds the cracked glass for some time.
Sustainability: Sustainability in indoor applications is virtually unlimited. The film cannot be applied outdoors.
Glasfolie Suncontrol provides up to a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on delaminating and demetalization of interior glass foils we apply.

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