Shading Ships and Control Rooms

Unique blinds for ships and control rooms

In some specific control rooms at industrial sites or for public services, it is indispensable to be able to see outside in a 100% clear manner. Safety is at stake otherwise. What about wheelhouses of ships, bridge control buildings or control towers at airports. Sunlight or glare can interfere with the view. This is precisely why it is important to look at sun protection for ships and control rooms.

Specifically for these control rooms, wheelhouses of ships, or control towers, the Glass Film Screen is made in type Grey 20 Flat.

This film is a crystal clear polyester film applied to the inside of the glass. The product is completely transparent. No distortion of the image takes place at all. This ensures full see-through to the outside. This is an essential component within shading for ships and control rooms.

Film type GREY 20 Flat has a low light transmission which gives it an excellent light filtering effect. The use of this high-quality system means that a good solution is available in almost any situation. The product is very versatile in this regard. The basic system is manually operated but, due to its economic purchase price, is mostly used as an electric system – possibly equipped with “custom” accessories. These accessories can be wireless remote control, group distribution light sensor etc. The systems can also be adapted to existing window frames in RAL colors and fitted with a side guide.

The safe vista is never again in question. A good warranty and fast lead time in case of any adjustments guarantee this.

No building is alike

Because every building or space has its own issues, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed a range of films and screens with different specific solar control properties. There is also an application available for your situation that guarantees the optimum effect.

Glass film Suncontrol, with 20 years of experience in this particular market, is your point of contact from design phase to maintenance. From 1 system to 500 systems, we will accomplish each project in a specific way.

Screens can be used on glass where the permanent application of glass film is not desired. Well-known applications include control rooms, offices, airports and any other building where flexible light transmission and proper shading is desired or necessary. Screens are installed on the inside, both in and on the frame.

Excellent applications are places where the light must be well dosed such as:
– wheelhouses of ships
– bridge control buildings
– weighbridges
– control rooms
– control towers

Cleaning: The strong polyester film resists cleaning well. The best cleaning agent is clean water with a splash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge and chamois. Beware of grains of sand! Detailed cleaning instructions are provided to you upon delivery of the system.
Dimensions: Screens are available from 50 cm or smaller, up to a maximum of 3 meters wide or 3.5 meters high, and are custom-made.
From larger width/height than 182 cm, it is necessary to apply a weld in the material. A cassette can be supplied at extra cost (in any RAL color).

The benefits of solar shading for ships and control rooms

  • Thickness

    Glass film screens have a thickness of about 3.0 mil (75 microns).

  • Lightfastness

    Glass film screens do not discolor; their lightfastness is unsurpassed.

  • Operation

    The control comes on the left or right by means of a cord. The screens can also be fitted with an electric motor.

  • Side guide

    Standard side guidance is not required. Available for casement windows at additional cost.

  • Warranty

    Glasfolie Suncontrol provides up to a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the system and quality of glass film screens we install on the inside.