UV-resistant Glass Film

No discoloration of your furniture and interior with UV-resistant film

Windows are indispensable in our homes, stores and office buildings, and therefore the less pleasant aspects of the sun, such as harmful UV radiation, are often taken for granted. Without windows, a storefront has little effect. Without daylight, a pleasant working environment is almost impossible. On the other hand, the sun can do a lot of damage to your furniture, interiors and materials. Ultraviolet radiation in light, for example, is more than 90% responsible for discoloration of materials. UV radiation and discoloration can be easily countered with UV resistant window film that blocks 99% of UV radiation.

Especially to delay this discoloration of interiors, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed the special UV-resistant window film. When applied, you delay this discoloration of your precious interior and the associated high cost of replacement and accelerated depreciation. This virtually invisible glass film is made of clear transparent polyester layers with a reflective layer of metal particles between them, if necessary. This allows the window film to be applied virtually unnoticed.

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The beneficial properties of UV-Block Glass Film

Due to its special composition, UV-Block Glass Film delays discoloration of leather, textiles, furniture and other colorful items. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for all types of windows, shop windows and museums. UV-Block comes in many versions The most commonly used type is perfectly clear, but UV-Block film coated with metal particles can also give windows strong solar and thermal properties. UV- Block film also reduces annoying glare, making your indoor environment a whole lot more comfortable.

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The benefits of UV-resistant glass film

  • Safety

    UV-Block film in safety version increases safety around windows. This gives them greater strength, and when broken, the film provides shard binding. Above that, UV-Block film has a fire retardant effect.

  • Extra scratch resistant

    Due to a special top coat, UV-Block Glass Film is extremely scratch-resistant, making it even more resistant to wear and tear.

  • Energy Saving

    Finally, UV-Block film saves on energy consumption if your business is air-conditioned. After all, the windows are better insulated, drastically reducing the cost of internal climate control.

  • Several safety and sun protection properties

    Because every office or business has its own set of issues, Glasfolie Suncontrol developed a range of UV-resistant films with several safety and sun protection properties.

  • Multiple application areas

    UV-Block film can be used on all glass of stores, museums, offices, showrooms, warehouses and in all other buildings where valuable goods need to be protected from harmful sunlight.

  • UV resistant film suitable for any type of flat glass

    Transparent film may be applied to the inside of any type of flat glass (single glass, normal double glass and HR (HR, HR+, HR++ and HR+++) glass).

    UV-resistant glass film is basically designed to be applied on the inside. Special types are available for outdoor applications.

Application of UV resistant glass film:

Glasfolie Suncontrol has its own application service. In addition to experience in application, our staff has the right equipment. They apply the film only when the temperature of the substrate is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius. After about a month, optimal adhesion is achieved and the film is completely tightened.

Cleaning UV resistant film: The strong polyester film resists cleaning well. The best cleaning agent is clean water with a splash of household vinegar. The best tools: a clean sponge and chamois.

Beware of sand grains and old hardened rubber tractors! Other sharp tools can also cause damage. Sharp cleaning chemicals are discouraged. Detailed cleaning instructions will be provided to you upon delivery of the film.

Dimensions: The width of the roll on which the film is delivered is 122 cm or 152 cm. This means that the maximum width when processing the film a window is about 150 cm. However, the film can also be applied if your windows are taller and wider. For larger windows, it is necessary to apply a seam which is minimally visible with professional processing.

Technical data

Thickness: Safety film has a thickness of approximately 1.5 mil (37 microns)
Lightfastness: UV-Block film does not discolor; its lightfastness is unsurpassed.
Flammability: Once applied to glass, the film is very difficult to ignite. In addition, the UV-Block film reflects heat radiation for quite some time.In case of fire, the film retains the cracked glass for some time.
Sustainability: Sustainability in indoor applications is virtually unlimited. Special types are available for exterior mounting.
Warranty: glass film Suncontrol provides a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on delamination and demetalization of glass film applied by us on the inside.

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