With window decorations for an atmospheric decoration we think with you

Professional window film bonding by Glasfolie Suncontrol!
Having your windows in office buildings fitted with Full Color glass film for purely aesthetic reasons or for privacy reasons can be done by Glasfolie Suncontrol. Any photo or Full Color image is possible and we will think with you. Glass film Suncontrol makes sure that we apply window film professionally and the possibilities are endless. Look for pictures of designer glass film on our website. Create your own design window decoration and we will translate it into a unique design.

Window film bonding is practical and suitable for many purposes
At Glasfolie Suncontrol, we have been working with VCA certified personnel since 1996. Because of these years of experience, we always offer a ready-made solution to all problems with glass. Because of our experience, we deliver practical, quick and personal advice. Because for any building with glass, we apply window film, both for interior and exterior windows. How about the following possible types:

  • Solar control glass film, improves indoor climate;
  • Insulating film, saves energy;
  • Safety glass film, makes your glass safer;
  • Skylights glass film suitable for glass roof structures;
  • UV-resistant glass film, with UV block so products do not discolor;
  • Privacy glass film, to prevent viewing.

How many m2 of window decorations can we stick at your place? Get custom window film advice today
We provide customized advice or quotes based on your desired m2. Would you like to know more today? Call us at 0299-460445 or email glasfolie@suncontrol.nl. Online, we also have a ready-made request form so that we can be sure to provide an accurate quote.